shoutplenty (Rank 12: 7838 points)

31139Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Secret Only13.87wiggle strattin' 14.31 on normal strat video @ rta strat ils
16137Bianco HillsEp. 6 // Secret Only38.49this strat was a collab between lumardy, metacor and me. don't watch the ending
14136Pinna ParkEp. 6 // Secret Only26.11u wanna bounce in your whip with that real live shit, sound like it's straight from the motherfucking cassette
4135Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 717.90cojiro
24131Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Full Level37.18standing on the shoulders of giants
36129Ricco HarborEp. 314.74
12127Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 6 // Secret Only28.79flow
6124Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Secret Only28.57fundies 🔥
31124Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Secret Only30.26so... so you think you can tell
🥈123Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 717.40i thought this was meant to be easy
18123Sirena BeachEp. 2 // Secret Only34.35@everyone emulator when
26123Ricco HarborEp. 150.41
23122Ricco HarborEp. 715.07
10116Pinna ParkEp. 452.74chip shot thru the storm
18116Ricco HarborEp. 555.35
11113Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 715.53instakill is suspiciously easy if you hit the opening... and that's not so hard either 🤔 metacorical movement: 15.57 (
27113Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 154.24implemented by pep
35112Bianco HillsEp. 716.01
18111Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Full Level41.98mole is swiss bank vault
28110Sirena BeachEp. 323.16
34109Ricco HarborEp. 216.94
32108Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 827.71this hoverslide teleported in from my first month playing sms to cost me 0.7
36108Sirena BeachEp. 4 // Secret Only21.74
40107Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 228.59
27106Bianco HillsEp. 6 // Full Level1:10.48mistakes were made
33104Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 144.54шит
17102Pinna ParkEp. 711.3311.03 is segmented pb
63101Bianco HillsEp. 443.97still garbage inconsistent
12100Pinna ParkEp. 149.29ytal tech
3798Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Full Level44.71blessed to get a solid run when the strats are this hard (entry: 13.23, secret: 30.59)
5498Bianco HillsEp. 21:21.22
1797Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 444.30touchy feely (i have no idea what is ticking)
2497Ricco HarborEp. 6 // RTA Route1:33.83
4897Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 330.08need to electroconvulse brain for another 4 hours to process the inputs after the gwkd l+a, ↑, a (precise!), ↓, ↑, a>x, r+c-tap, l+a>x, a (short), r-digital, a, r-digital+a mash, stick-tilt, neutral, b
594Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 1 // Secret Only18.34
1594Sirena BeachEp. 721.9411.10 entry 🤷
1791Sirena BeachEp. 2 // Full Level51.67allow it this hotel can go fucking enter itself
2588Bianco HillsEp. 150.98i'm garbo at this kinda thing so this got a big fist-pump from me :)
4985Pinna ParkEp. 335.02dpmo ahahaha
2684Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 6 // Full Level52.9952 u dun kno!
2784Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 343.71
2782Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 212.84simplified strats
6381Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 62:14.93now bad rather than shit, still puttin in dat work
2775Sirena BeachEp. 4 // Full Level50.09trial by ordeal
2974Delfino PlazaCorona Mountain // Full Level1:17.81mishun compree
2871Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 5 // Full Level52.97pretty fun at my level
569Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 1 // Full Level38.72
1768Bianco HillsEp. 3 Reds // Hover41.19no sweaty cycle
🥉67Delfino PlazaPachinko24.10sms is literal casino genre
3267Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 5 // Secret Only28.14this run marks the day, 25/8/2022, that i reached 12th place
2164Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 512.61alt 12.61 for poverty qfs –
1463Delfino PlazaAirstrip42.79
1361Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 1 Reds // Hover41.32
🥈60Delfino PlazaBeach Pipe15.59pal disc, 9 mins of grinding (plus an hour or so learning the level last year)
660Delfino PlazaJail Secret22.73engineered with shine displacement and despin's ideas
1060Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachHidden 128.94i weren't gonna vent but what a turn of events
1460Ricco HarborEp. 4 Reds // Hover1:01.25
5558Bianco HillsEp. 52:19.93video:!/v/shoutplenty00/AADb39pX3iNgb_HpE9Kp79DI_AsyLiHqL8kAAQvbFjXSZg video missing 10s cos replay buffer was too small ._.
5757Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 41:36.89slow and steady for now
1156Sirena BeachEp. 84:24.84dolpic poster rollout blunder cost ~0.8
1456Delfino PlazaBeach Shine21.28this il much easier 1 year later
755Bianco HillsEp. 6 Reds // Hover51.57bit off more than i could chew here blessed that this run innovated 2 strats used in the new wr (52.54) tho ^ - ^
1155Sirena BeachEp. 4 Reds45.03pepped pep
2855Pinna ParkEp. 544.10elegant strats, easy and fast. not sure if the beyblade is supposed to be by far the hardest part of the run however
2854Sirena BeachEp. 11:35.0544 pink phase
953Sirena BeachEp. 2 Reds // No Setup1:11.225th pianta skengman
1853Delfino PlazaCorona Mountain // Bowser Only31.04shouts to the man like fred
1752Delfino PlazaUnderbell // No Hyper-Hover06.52
1151Delfino PlazaLilypad27.95this strat is total trash (
1150Ricco HarborEp. 834.82this il could do with a fumigation
1248Pinna ParkEp. 6 Reds1:29.08wholesome challenge run but shit speedrun. imagine bidding on your final time again and again for each attempt
847Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 508.64obsoleted my oldest il peepoSad i will miss my fren the 9.21 from april 2020 (
2847Pinna ParkEp. 2 Reds41.86
546Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 4 // Full Level47.29
646Bianco HillsEp. 855.94poorly aged ils
946Noki Bay / Mare BayHidden 129.44
1545Delfino PlazaChuckster11.51disc drive noise for pause and mash for unpause loool
2244Delfino PlazaBox Game 122.28diy setup
2041Delfino PlazaShine Gate25.04
2641Pinna ParkEp. 6 (EYG) // US/PAL1:24.32
2641Sirena BeachEp. 52:09.57pineapple!?
🥇40Delfino PlazaLeft Bell21.87first-ever wr 🥳
1040Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 6 Reds // Hover1:09.22
1540Delfino PlazaLight-house25.44
1940Delfino PlazaGold Bird32.48
2240Delfino PlazaBox Game 220.53before today i had no idea u can pound stacks of boxes using only the L button
4540Sirena BeachEp. 6 // US/PAL2:25.86
1039Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 21:43.15
1039Pinna Park100 Coins1:22.64
1439Delfino PlazaGrass Pipe50.57
1138Pinna ParkEp. 6 // Full Level50.15
1037Ricco HarborEp. 6 // Non-RTA Route1:38.05minimum effort requirement ☑️
🥈36Bianco HillsEp. 6 Reds // Non- Hover1:06.12
🥉36Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 4 // Sandbird Only26.42
1936Pianta Village / Monte Village100 Coins1:35.86
1936Delfino PlazaRight Bell20.57
2036Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 31:12.53
634Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 653.33did the right number of swims * v *
1132Gelato Beach / Mamma Beach100 Coins2:36.72
2131Pianta Village / Monte VillageHidden 239.22this ain't an rta strat, what u on about
630Pinna ParkEp. 81:05.68two-and-done
1630Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 5 Reds1:01.78
727Delfino PlazaAirstrip Reds // RTA Route1:30.51the coin 1 to 2 movement is artfully optimised in the wr
1427Delfino PlazaBox Game 320.43are you just a pounder of worthless boxes?
1626Noki Bay / Mare Bay100 Coins1:45.39invented a new shine grab 😌
1925Sirena Beach100 Coins2:25.39
2025Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 81:28.37
2825Bianco Hills100 Coins2:42.62
3125Ricco Harbor100 Coins2:15.62on my day ones
🥉22Delfino PlazaAirstrip Reds // Non-RTA Route1:34.71trick exhibition
422Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 1 Reds // Non- Hover43.02
1218Bianco HillsEp. 3 Reds // Non- Hover38.35
1417Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 81:13.98always settle for less :)
416Ricco HarborEp. 4 Reds // Non- Hover1:05.75rta strat imo patent pending.
413Delfino PlazaAirstrip100 Coins52.97reference run by despin (52.00):
🥈8Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 6 Reds // Non- Hover1:11.49i torboed