mwolfe11 (Rank 83: 2656 points)

5681Sirena BeachEp. 324.15
8480Ricco HarborEp. 315.63Backside beyblade strat
3077Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 212.98
6069Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Full Level42.54
1867Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 512.31Got a crazy savestate where I could somewhat consistently dive under Piantissimo as he was jumping over the first gap, not sure if I can 11 with it so I'll stop here.
7561Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 147.23
7661Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 719.70Hard to optimize this any more without quick kill
10761Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Secret Only14.27This level is HOTly contested wow
5756Pinna ParkEp. 150.81MLG Strats
9652Ricco HarborEp. 154.29
5445Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 5 // Full Level58.63Pretty crazy RNG
1244Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 31:10.45This strat it so dumb lol, got it though. Groundpound windows are 6.55 - 6.70 and 7.00 - 7.25.
2644Delfino PlazaUnderbell // No Hyper-Hover06.65
8943Bianco HillsEp. 6 // Full Level1:14.71
842Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 4 // Full Level47.79I grinded this for several hours trying to get a medal. Fourth place, Sadge. Getting the necessary entry time is more difficult than the reds. Not kidding. The walking rocket storage is done by going neutral at the right time so Mario's stopping animation overlaps when the rocket goes off.
2942Delfino PlazaCorona Mountain // Bowser Only31.82Rocket dive on the first circular crack in the concrete
6642Sirena BeachEp. 724.05
3141Ricco HarborEp. 4 Reds // Hover1:00.14
7541Pinna ParkEp. 713.19About the best possible without quick kill
9240Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Secret Only29.14
10240Ricco HarborEp. 716.93
11340Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Full Level39.17
11037Sirena BeachEp. 4 // Secret Only24.77Momentum spin on each cube
11937Bianco HillsEp. 716.86
8736Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 719.64
9836Pinna ParkEp. 342.99I thought this time would rank a lot better than it does
3935Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 1 Reds // Hover39.32
10535Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 834.32
11635Bianco HillsEp. 21:26.19
11034Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 334.29
2333Delfino PlazaRight Bell20.97
2733Delfino PlazaBox Game 220.06
11333Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 232.48
3332Delfino PlazaBox Game 121.80
12431Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Secret Only33.28
3530Delfino PlazaJail Secret23.07
8230Bianco HillsEp. 52:27.16
2629Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 509.41
8429Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 41:47.04Man, this is a really good time and I'm still like last
13529Bianco HillsEp. 450.94
1128Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 4 // Sandbird Only27.66[retimed from full level]
9928Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 719.33
12128Pinna ParkEp. 6 // Secret Only30.71
12228Bianco HillsEp. 6 // Secret Only42.26
7527Sirena BeachEp. 4 // Full Level56.63
8027Sirena BeachEp. 2 // Full Level55.79Pretty good
10627Ricco HarborEp. 559.47Boat waterslide with box triple jump
3026Ricco Harbor100 Coins2:15.38BLUE SHINE SPRAY SUCKS
5626Pinna ParkEp. 549.16Jump off awning > sideflip off deck onto sail > spin jump onto sloped grate
11326Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 11:04.40
11726Ricco HarborEp. 219.42
3425Delfino PlazaGold Bird34.08
3525Delfino PlazaChuckster13.89
11325Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 6 // Secret Only36.48
3624Ricco HarborEp. 852.39Sick fruit clip
1723Delfino PlazaBox Game 320.26
3022Bianco Hills100 Coins2:45.18Got this after I was satisfied with my time and stopped recording.
4622Delfino PlazaBeach Shine24.21
11421Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Full Level50.69
12221Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 62:05.42
2919Pinna ParkEp. 6 // Full Level56.63
3319Bianco HillsEp. 81:13.22
9419Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 450.46
2218Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 61:02.17
4418Delfino PlazaLilypad37.31
8118Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 5 // Secret Only34.92
12317Sirena BeachEp. 2 // Secret Only38.90
1716Delfino PlazaAirstrip Reds // RTA Route1:28.77
4716Bianco HillsEp. 6 Reds // Hover46.60
7916Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 1 // Secret Only21.74
9316Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 6 // Full Level1:05.73
8815Delfino PlazaCorona Mountain // Full Level1:34.56
2914Gelato Beach / Mamma Beach100 Coins3:15.25
7014Bianco HillsEp. 3 Reds // Hover32.41
713Ricco HarborEp. 4 Reds // Non- Hover1:04.35PSA: Do not do this strat. The jump for the fifth coin out of the Y-turn is insanely precise and I wasted several hours grinding this. Get a free 1:05 by groundpounding on the fourth coin and lining up the fifth coin jump that way. Y-turn strat is way too insane, saves like .7 or less. Also the triple jump was accidental.
1412Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 1 Reds // Non- Hover41.72
4312Noki Bay / Mare BayHidden 135.32
5612Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachHidden 133.52Used the cataquack to hit me up the cliff
11312Pinna ParkEp. 41:01.74One cycle
4411Delfino PlazaLight-house29.98
589Sirena BeachEp. 52:21.35Could get better but I hate grinding this level.
1029Bianco HillsEp. 156.35
318Bianco HillsEp. 6 Reds // Non- Hover55.94No rocket rollout strat. If you land suuuuper close to the edge on the red platform you can spinjump to the blue one and save like three seconds but its crazy hard.
667Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 1 // Full Level45.10
46Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 6 Reds // Non- Hover1:09.28Only two times here. Free medal omegalul.
246Bianco HillsEp. 3 Reds // Non- Hover29.68
736Delfino PlazaAirstrip45.70
796Sirena BeachEp. 6 // US/PAL2:13.36
795Delfino PlazaBeach Pipe16.32
643Pinna ParkEp. 6 (EYG) // US/PAL1:56.45
1073Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 31:02.72
1183Ricco HarborEp. 6 // RTA Route1:28.97