PumpMan (Rank 26: 5451 points)

5139Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Full Level36.70
13137Bianco HillsEp. 442.44
11136Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Secret Only13.80
8134Bianco HillsEp. 21:18.5128.31 entry (pb)
7132Pinna ParkEp. 6 // Secret Only25.18
🥈129Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 153.34
8128Sirena BeachEp. 4 // Secret Only20.97
26127Ricco HarborEp. 314.64
7126Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 825.93Instant Backflip, orange strat Link to Instant Backflip, standard coconut spray 26.94 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElijQN9HNE0 Insta backflip, tree throw 26.75 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ_VO8xk9g4
🥈125Ricco HarborEp. 554.24another one, worse movement better fight -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA-03ITZjCc
6125Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 328.98rta strats, I think this is the best method for cleaning the mayor
11124Sirena BeachEp. 2 // Secret Only33.98
5122Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 140.70best level in game
25117Bianco HillsEp. 6 // Secret Only38.66
27117Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Secret Only30.19
8115Bianco HillsEp. 6 // Full Level1:08.53no buttslide
10115Pinna ParkEp. 332.46
23115Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 227.98
14114Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Full Level43.95
17112Sirena BeachEp. 322.59
19112Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 62:17.23worst IL hands down
21110Bianco HillsEp. 716.00hover an extra frame, dive a frame late
7109Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 715.49
14106Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Full Level41.95
29106Ricco HarborEp. 216.88everyone start doing qft version of this IL, it's wayyyyy more fun and actually corresponds to RTA
32106Ricco HarborEp. 150.76
13104Pinna ParkEp. 452.84
26104Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 718.13
27101Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Secret Only28.65I GOT 28.51 UNRECORDED IRL ASK DESPIN AND FUG THEY WERE THERE IT WAS HYPE as fuck
1098Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 443.80
697Bianco HillsEp. 52:11.86[retimed]
1195Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 41:30.98
1493Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 342.83why do we load outside
2793Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 718.13
1292Sirena BeachEp. 2 // Full Level50.88
1292Sirena BeachEp. 721.80if i had a time machine first thing id do was tell the ppl who set up this sheet that requiring hotel entry on sirena ILs is such a bad idea
591Sirena BeachEp. 4 // Full Level48.22
3990Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 6 // Secret Only30.61
684Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 5 // Full Level48.28
1184Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 1 // Secret Only18.61
1984Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 6 // Full Level52.66
2983Pinna ParkEp. 712.50
2778Pinna ParkEp. 149.93
2276Delfino PlazaCorona Mountain // Full Level1:16.94this IL is so fucked to grind
6075Ricco HarborEp. 715.36
3973Ricco HarborEp. 6 // RTA Route1:33.61right side
469Pinna ParkEp. 6 (EYG) // JP1:19.5451.09 entry
2367Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 5 // Secret Only27.62
564Sirena BeachEp. 11:24.90
1260Sirena BeachEp. 6 // JP2:26.03
1056Delfino PlazaPachinko24.97
2049Delfino PlazaAirstrip42.83
1547Sirena BeachEp. 52:05.59forgot to crop whoops, but since the level is 2/3 of the recording ill just keep it like this
1943Delfino PlazaCorona Mountain // Bowser Only31.09Actually insanely fun once you know what youre doing
2740Pinna ParkEp. 6 (EYG) // US/PAL1:25.51non-jp, >= 1s lost in secret.
2439Delfino PlazaBox Game 122.13rta start
4835Sirena BeachEp. 6 // US/PAL2:25.00
3028Delfino PlazaBox Game 219.53rta start, im actually really uncomfortable with the fact that ppl have optimized this
604Delfino PlazaJail Secret26.01hover nozzle