ModestTomato (Rank 89: 2335 points)

45120Ricco HarborEp. 314.8415.64 craneless
25119Ricco HarborEp. 715.09dumb, 15min
37108Pinna ParkEp. 6 // Secret Only27.68yay :)
6995Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Secret Only13.99fuck yeah, shadowplay sux tho
5394Ricco HarborEp. 152.26check fred's row for wise words best entry 18.97 (w/o box triple!) entry in pb is 19.07 (3rd best)
4189Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Secret Only28.77holy
5587Ricco HarborEp. 217.32lol
8075Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Secret Only30.95this level makes no fucking sense
6173Pinna ParkEp. 337.45Fuck Rufus no grate clip, cut out my grate shit and this is 33 straight up
8270Bianco HillsEp. 716.10
7067Sirena BeachEp. 324.6311.50 entry, no gwk
7667Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 62:14.02this level takes everything i hate about myself and puts it into a level. It crushes the soul. I played for 4 hours only to improve my shit time by eleven frames across 3 pbs. all the while knowing I can get 2:15. God himself hath decreed that the stars shall never align, no matter the fortitude of the player. It is causing me to doubt myself as a competitor and as a person. I'm so happy im done even though this is shit
7164Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Full Level45.67awful ending, 2 completed attempts
8264Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 229.75nothin special 20.91 spring grab
6363Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Full Level42.58
10261Bianco HillsEp. 447.13hoverless pb 54.01, this is still pretty troll, but i did grass strat and gwk at end so its aight
9559Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Full Level38.6423.05 entry, best is 22.7x or low 8x no nixonslide tj secret
🥉58Delfino PlazaBox Game 222.61it took 10 22.49s to finally get 22.5x lmao
🥈57Delfino PlazaBeach Pipe15.593try lmao 15.57 at 25fps - (gimme my gold back :( )
2153Pinna ParkEp. 2 Reds42.19I got ONE POINT for going from 35.88 to 40.02 happy
1351Delfino PlazaBox Game 122.696 22.6es, 2 22.69s pretty sure new method is slower than current method
2544Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachHidden 129.94
2343Delfino PlazaJail Secret22.90
2740Sirena BeachEp. 84:22.30bad, plan to get 4:25? or better
1739Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 31:11.95<3 toburr
4538Sirena BeachEp. 11:39.63[retimed] courtesy of mr. plenty
437Delfino PlazaBox Game 323.05cool new strat, cant wait for the box gamers to steal this one
7537Bianco HillsEp. 153.47
1036Sirena Beach100 Coins2:13.62holy fuck man 10h grind, multiple 2:0x paces I have an awful choking problem 22.23 entry (low 20 best), 50 polekick (47-48 best)
1335Pinna Park100 Coins1:25.164 hour grimd, shouldve been less but it it now 4am and rng is a pain in the ass
7335Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 214.38
10935Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 334.15
5134Sirena BeachEp. 6 // US/PAL2:25.20wrist hurty big time
533Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 4 // Sandbird Only26.91sick level :)
11433Sirena BeachEp. 4 // Secret Only24.93
1132Noki Bay / Mare Bay100 Coins1:38.15nashi route this came out of nowhere, couldn't do anything together then easy best start into rly good ruins into solid ending for the pace super happy
11026Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 152.71
12625Bianco HillsEp. 21:28.011 try lmao
10222Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 719.90
3417Pianta Village / Monte VillageHidden 242.26fuck shadowplay :(
5512Pinna ParkEp. 6 (EYG) // US/PAL1:42.252 completed eygs
8712Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 5 // Full Level1:22.97still dog lol
710Delfino PlazaAirstrip100 Coins54.84gaming (kinda carried by turbo start but still gaming)
509Delfino PlazaGold Bird37.05lol