ModestTomato (Rank 101: 1660 points)

42117Ricco HarborEp. 314.8415.64 craneless
35104Pinna ParkEp. 6 // Secret Only27.68yay :)
6791Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Secret Only13.99fuck yeah, shadowplay sux tho
3789Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Secret Only28.77holy
5384Ricco HarborEp. 217.32lol
6161Pinna ParkEp. 2 // Full Level42.58
9960Bianco HillsEp. 447.13hoverless pb 54.01, this is still pretty troll, but i did grass strat and gwk at end so its aight
🥈58Delfino PlazaBeach Pipe15.593try lmao 15.57 at 25fps - (gimme my gold back :( )
🥈58Delfino PlazaBox Game 222.61it took 10 22.49s to finally get 22.5x lmao
7855Sirena BeachEp. 325.20
1251Delfino PlazaBox Game 122.696 22.6es, 2 22.69s pretty sure new method is slower than current method
9249Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 230.62vid when i sub tomorrow
2542Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachHidden 129.94
2339Delfino PlazaJail Secret22.90
🥇38Delfino PlazaBox Game 323.05cool new strat, cant wait for the box gamers to steal this one
1738Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 31:11.95<3 toburr
2737Sirena BeachEp. 84:22.30bad, plan to get 4:25? or better
4036Sirena BeachEp. 11:39.63[retimed] courtesy of mr. plenty
6836Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 214.38
7436Bianco HillsEp. 153.47
10335Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 334.15
10633Ricco HarborEp. 717.05
11833Bianco HillsEp. 3 // Full Level39.45
10131Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Full Level48.64
10731Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 62:08.58i have the knowledge for 2:11 but this level is ASS to grind very bad 3rd pianta, lost like 2-3s
11031Sirena BeachEp. 4 // Secret Only24.93
5427Sirena BeachEp. 6 // US/PAL2:22.76like 5 tries, will play more when wrist no hurty
526Gelato Beach / Mamma BeachEp. 4 // Sandbird Only26.91sick level :)
10626Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 152.71
12126Bianco HillsEp. 21:28.011 try lmao
9723Noki Bay / Mare BayEp. 719.90
12722Ricco HarborEp. 4 // Secret Only33.98
3019Pianta Village / Monte VillageHidden 242.26fuck shadowplay :(
5312Pinna ParkEp. 6 (EYG) // US/PAL1:42.252 completed eygs
8411Pianta Village / Monte VillageEp. 5 // Full Level1:22.97still dog lol
4510Delfino PlazaGold Bird37.05lol
59Delfino PlazaAirstrip100 Coins54.84gaming (kinda carried by turbo start but still gaming)
1438Bianco HillsEp. 719.99